Friday, 23 July 2010

Back from Sunflower Land

The view from the car as we pottered along the rural roads of France last week....

Hello Darlings!
Well here I am surfing the blogwaves again after a very big gap (sorry....)
The two weeks before I went away were manic, then I was away on our family holiday to France for ten days, and now this week has whizzed past in an awful frenzy of post holiday washing activity and trying to tidy and clean the house before my mum arrives for the summer hols this Sunday..... (although why I'm even attempting to execute about six months worth of "tidynclean" in just one day I don't know. )

When we first moved into our house,which is a converted barn , a friend of mine asked if another friend of hers, who was a freelance photographer for interiors magazines, could come over because he was always looking for fresh homes to photograph and write about.
I agreed , and he duly arrived on the given day, after I had been cleaning non stop for the previous two days. |Obviously. "Hmm......," he sniffed, as he surveyed my kitchen, " I'm always telling my own wife that work tops are for working on: they are not storage areas..........."

Needless to say, he was not offered a cup of coffee, and our house was not featured in a magazine.

And I am not tidy.

And as my mum so rightly says,
"There are those who have a tidy house; and there are those who make things....."


PS I realise that I haven't even mentioned our holiday, and neither have I told you the story of our gorgeous new dog, Rowan. But I will next time I promise, and in the meantime, here's a pic of Eliza having a cuddly moment with him...

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