Thursday, 17 June 2010

Our New- to- You Dog

It's very odd but in the last year I've developed a bit of a thing about dogs......
During the usual scavenging expeditions to flea markets, car boot sales and charity shops, childrens books, old cigarette cards, old black and white photo's of dogs have joined my more usual purchases of fabrics, jugs, buttons and books. I've done paintings of 1920's ladies with Airedale Terriers and Greyhounds; embroidered tea cosies with pictures of Labradors, Fox Terriers and Jack Russells and have been taking photos of lovable, scatty dogs all over the place.
But I am not a dog person.
Or rather, I wasn't until last week.

But now, here we are, seven days later, the new and besotted owners of our pre-loved Cocker Spaniel. He's three and a half and very gorgeous. Here he is on the beach at Teignmouth tonight, contemplating his rubber ball. He doesn't have a huge repertoire of expressions, but he's an absolute master of the "thoughtful", "patiently wise" and "soulful" looks.......
Here's another shot of Teignmouth, which was looking particularly beautiful tonight: we took him for a walk along the promenade. You can see the Victorian pier in the background.
And here's our daughter Eliza with the new light of her life.... As I write this on the computer, our new dog is sitting quietly under the desk, tickling my toes with his lovely silky fur. Happiness is a dog.....

In the next post I'll tell you the story of how we got him.
So sorry I haven't written anything these past few weeks: chaos has reigned in our household, our home looks like someone has just burgled it, and despite complaining to my husband that we never do anything, we have had so many social occasions recently that I'm on the point of collapse ( two evenings a week is really pushing it for me, staid homebird that I am.) But within the next few days I'll check in with you again and I'll put the kettle on for us.... Come and visit soon.

Have a lovely weekend!

Sarah x

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