Monday, 3 May 2010

Honey, I'm Home...!
Just got back last night from my trip to The North to go and see mum for a few days, and here're my two jars of Lancashire honey to prove it. Phew: my porridge just hasn't tasted right these last few weeks.......

Mum, Eliza and I made a trip to a little market town called Clitheroe, where my dad's family came from, in the beautiful Ribble Valley area of Lancashire. First stop was to the special Butcher's stall on the Saturday Market where they sell phenomenal local honey.

We made a little detour to another butchers where I spotted some tripe to show Eliza, who'd never seen it before. For those happy souls who aren't sure of what tripe is, it is the rubbery, bleached stomach lining of a cow. Mmm, mmm... The previous night Mum had been regaling us with some horrifying stories of having tripe for lunch every day for six months, about twenty years ago, and how much weight she had lost. (Some might say it was hardly surprising: it would put me off eating for life...) On the days when there was no "honeycombe" (that's a particular kind of tripe,) available she would have to make do with a cow heel. Aargh! And that's what I spotted at the butchers stall: some genuine, bleached white ankle bones complete with the insides of the hooves. (Hoofs?) Eeeeughw.... I know it's considered a delicacy in Venice, but even the Venetians can't get absolutely everything right.

After that little diversion we ambled on to buy some pie tins and muffin tins from my favourite baking stall; pottered around town and then drove on to Oswaldtwistle, a little former mill town where one of the cotton mills has been converted into a shopping centre. There I bought some crafting materials and three scrapbooks. I've got plans ( well I've always got plans, but it's a miracle whenever that actually come to fruition!)

The plans are to make a scrapbook called "A Year at Sampsons Farm", to show the visitors to our B&B a little bit about our life here; another one about the Watercolour Workshops I teach here, with lots of photo's of students' paintings; and the third one, well I suspect that one will hang around in a carrier bag in a corner for a while. Probably for a couple of years, on previous form. Here's a pic of the window box of pansies, for the scrapbook, and another chicken one (oh, surprise!) of Charlie:Charlie , our Buff Orpington cockerel,
Whilst at mum's I managed to do the first three double page spreads for Winter part of the Sampsons scrapbook: I'll post a photo tomorrow. As much as I love crafting and scrapbooking , I do seem to spent two thirds of my time searching through every item I possess for the elusive perfect colour of paper, or the right kind of glue, and just one third actually making it. But I managed to get lots done and it was really satisfying, sitting at my mum's dining table by a big window, sorting through photo's, stamp pads and ribbons, my daughter curled up in a chair, engrossed in a book, and hearing the squeak of the rocking chair and the gentle click of knitting needles as my mum soldiered on with making a cardigan for her friend Janet. How lovely and homely. Time spent with my mum is very precious......

Tomorrow I'm off to Honiton Textiles Fair. Can't wait! Will tell you all about it very soon.

And I know that in my last post I promised some lovely photo's of lambs and calves from my friend's farm where I've been sketching and painting. Well, they are coming later this week, but here's just one as a little taster...

Come and see me again soon, and don't forget to put the kettle on ready for next time...


Anonymous said...

Just found your new blog, what fun! I love all things vintage and have huge collections of everything. We are in the process of trying to weed out and downsize but it's just not happening.

I don't have a blog but I am not "anonymous" - my name is Ann and I live in the U.S., Michigan to be exact. Looking forward to the development of your blog. So far, excellent!

The Garden Bell said...

The kettle is on. What a charming post today. Love the pictures of all your animals.

Keep it up-
Kate - The Garden Bell

winnibriggs said...

Ah the picture you paint of you all at your mums is devine. The perfect way to relax. Hope you will show your scrapbooks to us as well as your B&B guests. They sound very interesting.
Just got to fill my cup up
back soon.

BusyLizzie said...

Good to see you today.. the blog is brilliant.. I love it! Looking forward to reading more.. xx

Vickie said...

No kettle here but I did make sure I had a fresh cup of coffee in hand before sitting down to catch up on blogs for the week. The first place I came was here! I just HAD to know what you wrote about as I so enjoyed your first posting.

Charlie looks so grand! We live in the city where you aren't allowed chickens but I have frogs! Not quite the same, I know.

Once again, a lovely post that made me smile :)

Today is Mother's Day here and while I don't think you have that there, I will still wish you a wonderful Mother's Day!

Vickie in Michigan <3

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