Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Admin made my hair go frizzy...

Yup, I could be Marlene's twin right now......
Well, it's more my brain thats gone frizzy rather than my hair. Too many hours staring at my computer screen wrestling with charts, calendars, highlighters, diaries and scraps of paper in an attempt to finalise the dates for teaching my workshops for the rest of this year.

I suppose I must be commitment-phobic at heart: it nearly kills me promising to be available on a date and going through with it. How can this be, when I enjoy the teaching so much? When I did a few years of teaching at a local school I had no problem at all in the commitment, but now that I have the choice of which days to work I get all shifty and evasive.......... But what a luxury problem: I have nothing to complain about!

So after setting the dates; doing a mass mailing to my email list; sending the dates to Matt my lovely webdesigner; and then deciding to overhaul virtually my whole website
( well what a great idea THAT was: there's no such thing as a little website project....) I was feeling very frazzled last night. I thought I'd better still make the effort and go to my Monday night SalsaDX class ( a provincial girl still needs her Latin rythm, even if it's in Bovey Tracey Church Hall) so grabbed my dancing shoes, and steamed off in the car to get there just in the nick of time.
To arrive to closed doors and not a soul around.
Usually the doors are flung open; some of the girls are having a quick cigarette in the carpark and the sound of Havana is blasting out. I hung around for a while then checked my watch. I had turned up an hour too soon.

Went back home, spent another frenzied forty minutes scanning pics in , writing stuff and emailing it to Matt, and then returned to salsa. Late this time.... But it was all worth it. There's nothing like wriggling those hips to Latin music played loud to perk you up.
And tonight, here I am on the sofa, after ten hours at the computer, a human vegetable with a very bad back. So no more computer for tonight. The lovely Luther is on BBC1 right now and I think it's time I watched him. I can tell he wants me to.

Well that'll be all for tonight then, folks : it's Luther, a cup of tea and a hot water bottle for my back. Night, night!
Come and visit soon for morning coffee.....


Michelle said...

Sarah!!! How could you!! Buying Scrapbooks from other people!haha. Did you go to Topaz Craft per chance? Its been great reading your posts. Funnily enough I have set up a Blog Site, but havent written anything on it yet! It all seems soooo complicated, I think complicated is probably the new word for lazy.

Been playing Melting Pot today with Marielou. Really pleased with the fruits of my work!

I so need a place where I can show my goodies full time. hey ho, all in good time:)

Love to all
Michelle X

SARAH said...

Mea Culpa, Michelle!
I was in Lancashire when I bought them. Is that any excuse at all?
I'd love to check in with you soon to spend a day crafting as this scrapbook is going nowhere fast. If I don't schedule a date to get down to it again soon I just know those scrapbooks are going to get buried under the usual rubble in my house...
Lovely to hear from you.
Sarah x

Vickie said...

I'm here. Where's the coffee???

Vickie in Michigan

Happy @/*-*\@ said...

hey honey...I could of created your website....I hope matt hasnt charged you too much money!:)

Hope you are well :)

All the best...

love Happy xx

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